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TEAM_JETT: Rock 'n' roll music is what gets me off.

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All Members , Moderated
A journal about/for/dedicated to Joan Jett.

Welcome to the first LJ community dedicated to rock n' roll goddess Joan Jett.
Your mods are mangobaby (Mary) and runawaystarx (Ali).


01. Please be respectful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you’re entitled to disagree.
02. Bashing of any kind (towards mods, members, celebrities mentioned here and Joan herself) will not be tolerated.
03. All posts will be locked, please tag them and put big pictures or spoilers under a cut.
04. What can you post? News, videos, picspams, icons, graphics, Runaways related news, etc. are all more than welcomed. OT/Chat posts are also allowed.
05. PAGE-A-MOD if there are any problems, questions, or to ask permission for community promotions.

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